Rothman Has Winning Down to a Science

Bob Rothman is a professional gambler who has been betting on horses for over 20 years now. His success, and almost precognition-level ability has made him a rich SPBUTOTO , and has also made him someone that bookies don’t like very much. He’s a winner, someone who knows what he’s doing and is really good at what he does. Over the years, Bob has formed some unique relationships with those in the horse racing industry and has spoken with experts from all across the globe. He has expert race readers, expert contacts, and most importantly the know-how and the understanding to take the information that he receives so he can pick the winners on a consistent basis. Some may even think that Bob Rothman has winning down to a science.

Bob genuinely loves what he does, and does what he loves. He has built a team of experts whose opinions he keenly trusts. His experts may not be able to pick a winner 100% of the time, but they are very consistent and don’t rely on luck to determine which horse they believe will make it to the finish line first. The camaraderie that he has formed with his teammates is something special. Although most of the time he spends speaking with them is done either online or by phone, he still enjoys the time he spends with them. When it comes to placing bets, Bob knows just how difficult it can be to continue to place bets in your name, which is why having a team of winners by your side can prove to belucrative over time.

So what’s the science behind being a professional gambler? Well, it’s all about the work and time spent analysing and reading into the performance of the horses at the tracks. It’s not rocket science, but it surely can be mind-boggling as to how accurately Bob is able to pick out the winners from the losers. There are a lot of con-artists out there and it’s really easy for someone who may not be familiar with the industry to get ripped off. Bob knows how hard it can be for people to trust a professional gambler which is why he takes the time to share his information with his teammates and even share the burden of the expenses. If you think you’re up for the challenge, you should check out Bob’s website and join up with his team today.

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